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Jan 26

Are there in Femdom or dominatrix groups based in the North Alabama area?

I would like to try to break into that lifestyle but do not know anyone who does that. I am wandering if there are any internet groups based in North Alabama/southern Tennessee area which are free to join and legitimate. Legitimate is huge because all the yahoo groups I have seen had nothing on their message boards but spam or were dead. Or if any female does that and happens to read this but does not belong to a group, you can message me and we can talk.

Aug 23

How do I stop getting spammed by a Yahoo group that says I am not a member?

I am not a member of but I get tons of spam from this group. I try to go there and remove myself as Yahoo’s useless documentation says but the group says I must join to be a member. There seems to be no way to get rid of this crud and Yahoo has been NO help.

Aug 05

male feminization servce is sacramento?

im looking for a feminization service in nor cal that can help me break out of my shell and start my life as a women. does anyone know of a service that helps with makup wigs dressing and acting in nor cal please send links if you know of any or and sugustions for other aways i can start dressing other than just buying cloths and dressing.
laura email me or im me

Jul 24

Feminization of America?

Do you think the feminization of America is what has propelled (American) football the the new #1 sport in America? That’s why I like to watch it anyway. Seems like the one last place you can watch real men acting like real men.
P.S. Yahoo! tried to put this in the LGBT section. Maybe that, more than anything, demonstrates what I’m trying to say.

Jun 27

How can I find Mistress for me?

I’m ready to become sex slave…for femdom…how can i find mistress….if any gal or aunt is interested….plz mail me at im a 19 yr hot guy… ready to please u!!1

Apr 20

Any dominant girls using yahoo messenger?

are they girls who are dominant and are into femdom on yahoo messenger? i’m 19 and submissive and i would really like to have a chat with a young dominant girl.

Apr 08

Which comic book character is a better role model for femdom?

Catwoman, the classic "bad girl" who wields a whip and likes to tie men up and put them into various traps?

Or Wonder Woman, the classic "good girl" who wields a magic lasso that forces anyone captured in it to tell the truth?
Well, Wonder Woman won’t kill but on the other hand her lasso is magic so even Superman cannot break free from it. And it complete controls the will of the captured person.

Coming from an island of Amazons women helps too.

Oh, this is a follow up to;_ylt=ApS3NlNPBt_bbqQ9p5JSRswazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100502014532AAUHPWA

Mar 31

How can I ask a girl if I can lick her feet?

I would be a slave. I love femdom.
I would massage, kiss and lick a Mistress’s feet.
But.. how can I ask to be her slave? Or.. how can I know if a girl would allow me to do it? I can’t simply tell "Can I be your slave and link your foot?" ..please help me! I really need it.
PS: I should ask it to a 13-20 years old girl.
I’m Italian and I posted a reason in Italian’s Yahoo! Answers. Now i post it here too, translated.

Mar 16

Why is Sanrio promoting the feminization of boys?

for Pete’s sake, isn’t the public school system bad enough?

Oct 30

Where can I find a gf that is into femdom, that wants to have a serious relationship with me?

Hmm may be in yahoo anwsers? 🙂