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May 25

Is Western society undergoing a social feminization?

I hear people say we are becoming a more equal in regards to gender. But I really feel like we are just making the whole society more feminine by making behaviors associated with males, as bad. Is this really happening and is it too late to stop it?

Dec 29

Are you aware of catholic intelligentsia trying to promote feminism & femdom in protestant countries like US?

By intelligentsia i mean those involved in the media and politics.Italian and french fashion magazines,US catholics,freemasons, jesuits etc have one thing in common-they all promote feminism and femdom(read destruction of society) in USA and other protestant countries.Why can’t these ***** do it in their own countries like italy and france?…

Answer is because they want to destroy protestant society and make it non viable by injecting hatred between men and women-through feminism and femdom.Long term counter reformation agenda of vatican is to destroy protestant society through Jesuit-freemason(sub organization of jesuits) by causing hatred between men and women through feminism and femdom.are you prots even aware of this?…

Remember Jesus said be CLEVER like snakes and harmless like doves.Are you being clever by allowing these vices to destroy your society?…also even if you evade from this question Jesus will continue to build his church and in the process idolatrous ‘churches’ like catholicism,orthodoxy and mainline protestantism degraded by catholic counterreformation agenda of feminism working through Jesuit-freemason axis will get destroyed and all earth will be encompassed by final protestant church-that is God’s church visit for more understanding.
catholics are trying to destroy protestantism through feminist agenda.Catholics(jesuits not lay people) very well know feminism and sexual perversions like femdom will only destroy any society in the long they inject lies of feminism and femdom to protestant society through their secret jesuit -freemason axis.Freemasonry is only a sub-organization of jesuits so they can effectively infiltrate and destroy protestantism,that is why freemasonry mostly exists in protestant areas.also you said feee masons donot take in women-that is utterly wrong.infact freemasonry was one of the first international organisation to allow women to become members as co -masons (… ).this was to advance feminism and femdom in traditional protestant country.If you still not believe look at the decline of mainline protestantism in traditional protesant countries-see the reality…………

Jul 10

Why complain about feminization of poverty when it is the successful result of feminism?

Every now and then some feminists comes up with a complaint that women are discriminated against because there is an increase in women living in poverty:


"The feminization of poverty is a phenomenon that has been observed in the United States since 1970 as female headed households accounted for a growing proportion of those below the poverty line. A large majority of these women are divorced or never-married mothers."

So..? Feminism has always been about WOMEN’S INDEPENDENCE. Okay so you’re independent now so you got what you wanted who cares if you’re poor as a result of your own decisions?

I suppose we are to rectify this by giving you money for no apparent reason? Sounds dependent on the handouts (from men) to me… Why do feminists think handouts for no reciprocal service is the definition of "independence"?
Here’s the proof feminism is to blame:

"The feminization of poverty is a phenomenon that has been observed in the United States since 1970 AS FEMALE HEADED HOUSEHOLDS accounted for a growing proportion of those below the poverty line. A large majority of these women are DIVORCED OR NEVER-MARRIED MOTHERS."

Single mothers?
Divorced women?

blabber yaga you have alzheimers don’t you? You only a moment ago triumphantly exclaimed that women are turning their backs on marriage to men, now you see the result you want to claim that is not the case. Take some pills.