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Jan 15

CROSSDRESSER GABY MULES, DOG AND CAT.. would u like to be my puppy?

Hi everyone… it’s been a while since I posted the last vid.. now there u are another little piece of my spare time with my animals… which I love a lot and got to train hard…

Oct 09


tHIS AFTERNOON i DECIDED TO GIVE YOU THE WHOLE REAL IMAGE OF ME, SO NOW YOU KNOW WHO’S BEHIND THE LAST74 VIDEOS| I’m wearing misty beethoven dolores pumps, I just love them so, so ,so, much!! HOpe u will!

Jul 24

Sexy White Woman Femdom

Jan 13

Girl femdom witn sneakers! Priscilla’s thigh high sexybitches ;)

Priscilla wearing her thigh high sneakers..

Nov 26

lateXperiment – Valerie Tramell

Valerie Tramell, the pink latex barbie wakes up in bed totally dressed in a latex barbie catsuit with a tight corset. Put’s on black, shiny ballet heels. Full video in HD quality available on Sunday at Barbie-Catsuit & Corset made by http Ballet Heels from

Nov 19

The feminization of Michael Jackson 2: Quotes

For 32 years the media cast doubt on Michael Jackson’s masculinity, eventually blaming him for the freakish image that THEY had created.

Oct 10

The feminization of Michael Jackson 1: Voice

Phony portrayals of Michael Jackson’s voice were the main weapon the media used to degrade his masculinity. A practiced falsetto singer, Jackson was often shy and tense in interviews, which caused him to speak softly. The media ran with this, often portraying him with the voice of a girl. Over the years, the caricatures drowned out Michael’s real voice, but you can hear it clearly in these clips. (All original content belongs to the copyright holders, and has been used selectively for illustration, example, and to provoke discussion.)