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Feb 28

Voice feminization lesson #2

Do the homework and these lessons will help you realize your full potential of finding your feminin voice!!!;)

Feb 26

Wearing a bikini in front of hundreds of people!!

My daring experience of wearing a bikini in front of hundreds of people while looking one hundred percent like a guy and there reactions to me !!!! people actually threw me beads when I flashed them!!!! It was so funny! I must have a death wish… just kidding…. Thankyou for watching!!!!

Feb 02

2012 02 01 Thoughts regarding attaining a feminine voice for Transwomen

I decided to bite the bullet and do a ‘So you’re thinking about changing your voice’ video. Whats follows are things to think about when trying to find your pitch. There are many steps after that, however, it is one of the best places to start.

Jan 10

Transgender Tips – Top 10 Women with Deep Voices Visit my “Feminization Secrets” blog for more beauty, style and femininity tips for transgender women – from beauty and style expert Lucille Sorella