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Oct 03

Crossdressing Super Scribblenauts Level 6-11 & 7-8 Walkthrough – Maxwell in Dresses Super Scribblenauts Gender Bending Level Walkthrough Thanks for subscribing and watching!! In this video I show you how to solve a couple of levels in Super Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS by crossdressing your Maxwell character. Levels 6-11 and 7-8 are shown. The former is a wedding that you must sneak into and the latter is a James Bond style stage. Very cool. Check out my channel for more video game content as well as lots of action figure reviews and more! Coming soon – retro video game reviews! This video was shot with a Canon Vixia SF 200 and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0

Jul 27

Will we see the feminization of video games in the future?

By large, modern media is pretty much "politically correct" and even feminized in certain area.

It seem like video game is one of the very few, if not the only form of media in modern society that isn’t "politically correct" and haven’t been feminized. As a gamer I’m glad, and hope that It’ll stay that way.

But will it stay that way forever? Do you feel that video games will become more feminized in the future? I really hope not.