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May 17

“Female Ego Boosted USA/Western world” (JUST CLICK)

Bill Maher on the feminization of society Patrice O’Neal on the Constitution and America (Opie and Anthony)

May 08

[XXY] Ten stupid questions not to ask a crossdresser

Sometimes, males lack elegance. Not all of them, of course! But when this adds up to an inappropriate curiosity, it results in embarrassing situation. Gentlemen, if you read this message, please, do not forget to think before asking a stupid question! Kisses.

Mar 12

Jessica Who HD – MTF Transgender Vlog – Crossdressing is Disgusting?!

Please Subscribe!! Twitter – Facebook – For several years I’ve been bothered by the fact that some people call crossdressing disgusting, gross, repulsive, etc. This is unfair and a hurtful stereotype!

Jan 15

CROSSDRESSER GABY MULES, DOG AND CAT.. would u like to be my puppy?

Hi everyone… it’s been a while since I posted the last vid.. now there u are another little piece of my spare time with my animals… which I love a lot and got to train hard…

Oct 09


tHIS AFTERNOON i DECIDED TO GIVE YOU THE WHOLE REAL IMAGE OF ME, SO NOW YOU KNOW WHO’S BEHIND THE LAST74 VIDEOS| I’m wearing misty beethoven dolores pumps, I just love them so, so ,so, much!! HOpe u will!

Jul 25

Geloobz Infomercial – Edible MTF Transgender / Crossdresser Breast Forms

Thanks for subscribing & commenting! This is the infomercial for my very first product, Geloobz. They are edible breast forms. Delicious, practical and affordable; you can purchase them here –

Jul 13

Crossdresser, Transsexual, Tranny?? Transgender Labels

Thank you for subscribing!!! TWITTER – WEBSITE – Sometimes in our community, labels are given way too much attention and precedence. The pressures can make us feel like we have to live up the stereotypes associated with these various labels. In reality, you should just be yourself and not worry about what other people think. Don’t feel like you have to label yourself and don’t let anyone ever label you. You are your own person, unique and special. Sorry to be so preachy, but this is something I feel strongly about ;-p. I hope I was able to make it fun a bit. Thanks for watching, you all rock!

Jun 13

Crossdressing Teen Boys – Young Transvestite Sluts-17.wmv

Boys caught in their teen sisters clothes – tiny bras & tight cotton panties – jeans & booty shorts – pigtails & lipgloss – teen boys crossdressing sisters clothes dressed girl lipgloss makeup transvestite cd tv tranny pigtails braids stockings lingerie panties

Jun 11

College Boi Transformed MtoF for Graduation Gift

Natalia chatted with Tia about being transformed for her graduation from college. This was her first time being transformed, how did she do? Leave a comment. If ur interested in transformation and feminization, email Note to YOUTUBE this is a transgendered girl not a real girl. Thank you.