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Apr 23

Ashly: Feminization

The Original Audio was better!

Apr 08

Which comic book character is a better role model for femdom?

Catwoman, the classic "bad girl" who wields a whip and likes to tie men up and put them into various traps?

Or Wonder Woman, the classic "good girl" who wields a magic lasso that forces anyone captured in it to tell the truth?
Well, Wonder Woman won’t kill but on the other hand her lasso is magic so even Superman cannot break free from it. And it complete controls the will of the captured person.

Coming from an island of Amazons women helps too.

Oh, this is a follow up to;_ylt=ApS3NlNPBt_bbqQ9p5JSRswazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100502014532AAUHPWA