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Aug 06

Heidi crossdresser Creating Clip-ons #2

Using lever-back style Hoops. These even give the illusion of having pierced ears.

Jul 26

Crossdressing: How I Make It Work

Hello everyone! This v-log covers how I approached the all too tricky subject of crossdressing with the people closest to me in my life. I hope you can pick up some tips on how to deal with this in your life. Most important thing is to be true to yourself, otherwise I think your whole life can be a waste of time. Be happy! (ps sorry for all the noise next door. I live next door to trolls.) Love Rachel 21.07.12

Jul 16

Crossdressing was a way of Life , Now It Over

i went out just on a lovely night in June the 23 of 2012 , it was 900, pm at night , i was in a sexy new mini skirt high heels and a nice top ,walking my friends Dog and wow Conney island was packed that night, and i got stop by two woman , preaching the word of god they had no Ida at first i was a guy , but any way i never been so belittle in my life, the made me feel like a cheap low life whore, and made me so-so guilty , as they were saying I’m going to Rot and Burn in hell along with all the other crossdressers ,gays ,Transsexual’s and anyone that is not married , i went Home and Really stareded to think about it all that night ,maybe they are Right , so that it for me I’m giving up the whole thing , its over for me

Jun 24

T-Girl Park Walks (Crossdressing)

Two walks around public parks with Rachel. The video also features a few ponies, some swans, an unco-operative squirrel and a disinterested cat. Music: Momus covers Josef K and Josef K cover Alice Cooper.

Jun 10

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #18: The Butt

This is the last bit of feminine curves that we haven’t talked about yet. First video with the new camera… forgot to take off my glasses but didn’t feel like shooting it over again.

May 29

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #15: Picking a Name

Something I haven’t talked about yet is choosing your feminine name. So here’s a few things to keep in mind on that.

May 15

A Touch of Heather

In her Role of the immortal Marilyn Monroe, Heather has rocked the nation –

May 14

Heidi, crossdresser, More Misc Clips

May 05

Crossdressing Themed Artistic Short Film / Music Video – *Crossdresser / Transgender Love

The song Stray Shadows by Blanket Barricade is on iTUNES or Bandcamp (donation): Presented by Awkward Moment Productions and Blanket Barricade: http “Like” Blanket Barricade on FACEBOOK – “Follow” Blanket Barricade on TWITTER –…

Apr 07

Heidi crossdresser, around the house

three clips of various outfits in different parts of the house