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Feb 26

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #13: Voice

Taking a break from appearance this is a good time to talk about things you can do to develope a more feminine voice

May 12

How To Really Be a Passable Girl, Changes since Feminization – MTF Transsexual Life

My Pennsylvania accent really comes out bad in this one, haha… That’s what happens when I actually have a lot to say. Some written rules to becoming REAL (“The Most Passable You”). Please take the recommendations about diet seriously. A healthy diet provides so much more than just boosted feminization (along with self-empowerment and HRT): It can provide you with an extended and rejuvenated life, a much more pristine perception of the world, and a greater overall experience of happiness. Don’t sell yourself cheap! If you would like a basic groundwork to modify your diet to a generally more healthy state, I suggest you read the book FANTASTIC VOYAGE, by Ray Kurzweil. Although I don’t follow the exact diet outlined in the book (I make some extra modifications), it is more than enough to provide you with life-extension. As a bonus: The book is also filled with informative foresight on biotechnological and nanotechnological advancement to come!

Apr 20

Astrid Sabrina – Shopping & a Great Day Out in The Mall – Public Crossdressing

Mar 08

MTF Transgender Voice | Vocal Feminization

My contribution to the conversation about vocal feminization… how I did it, the techniques I used, and how you can use them yourself. My computer microphone isn’t wonderful, and ironically it lowers my voice a bit.

Feb 10

Enjoying my feminine side (Astrid Crossdressing) Wanna pass as a woman? Learn how to crossdress and pass as a genetic female from the most comprehensive feminization guide on the web… … PLUS learn how you can develop your own female voice! … PLUS discover many of the transgender’s online & offline resources! Get Your Cross Dressing Guide Now!