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Aug 31

No Escape – An English Mansion Feature Film Trailer starring Miss Jasmine

Running through the forest, lost and disorientated, the prison escapee is desperate to put as much distance as he can from the compound. Little does he know, the female guards facilitated his escape, their entertainment is to track and recapture their prey, something they have never failed to accomplish. This then gives them an excuse to administer a suitable punishment, making sure they never try again… Featuring – Miss Jasmine

Apr 16

† Femme Fatales † Government Hooker

Made this video with amazing xKillerFemmeFatalex :):) cause we both like femme fatales!:) Alias/Elektra – Jennifer Garner Batman Returns – Michelle Pfeiffer Basic Instinct – Sharon Stone BloodRayne Catwoman – Halle Berry Charlie’s Angels – Demi Moore, cameron…

Sep 19

Beautiful Maya Calling all Money Slaves…Mwa!

Just a little taste…

Jul 24

ear pulling by Patricia Heaton from everybody loves raymond

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