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Mar 20

Feminize him …boy becomes stunning female dancer hostess

Sensational tranformation of boy into a stunning female .a dose of hormones leaves him helpless to resist as he becomes a she. and she can do the splits..

Jul 25

Geloobz Infomercial – Edible MTF Transgender / Crossdresser Breast Forms

Thanks for subscribing & commenting! This is the infomercial for my very first product, Geloobz. They are edible breast forms. Delicious, practical and affordable; you can purchase them here –

Jul 06

sissy OUT in public

sissy was instructed to get dolled up and gas up her car. It was about 11PM.

May 17

Holly Monroe Crossdresser talks about Fantasy Costumes

Holly wears a beautiful Bridal Gown in this video. She talks about fantasies and dressing up in your favorite fantasy outfit. Become the “girl of your dreams” at:

Apr 29

Cute Crossdresser

Apr 20

Astrid Sabrina – Shopping & a Great Day Out in The Mall – Public Crossdressing

Feb 26

Crossdresser Black Lacy Underwear

I hope you like it. I know it’s been a while. thanks for your comments… I love them 🙂 What do you think?

Feb 10

Enjoying my feminine side (Astrid Crossdressing) Wanna pass as a woman? Learn how to crossdress and pass as a genetic female from the most comprehensive feminization guide on the web… … PLUS learn how you can develop your own female voice! … PLUS discover many of the transgender’s online & offline resources! Get Your Cross Dressing Guide Now!

Dec 10

TS Italian Barbie Feminizing Your Voice & My Outfit =]

Talking about voice, my haters & this and that.