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Mar 12

Jessica Who HD – MTF Transgender Vlog – Crossdressing is Disgusting?!

Please Subscribe!! Twitter – Facebook – For several years I’ve been bothered by the fact that some people call crossdressing disgusting, gross, repulsive, etc. This is unfair and a hurtful stereotype!

Mar 10

Creation of Supergirl

Just a quick bit of fun until I have time for bigger projects.

Feb 02

2012 02 01 Thoughts regarding attaining a feminine voice for Transwomen

I decided to bite the bullet and do a ‘So you’re thinking about changing your voice’ video. Whats follows are things to think about when trying to find your pitch. There are many steps after that, however, it is one of the best places to start.

Jan 19

Cartoon Feminization Comic

Artwork by Tardgrin

Jan 14

Donald Duck: A Star is Hatched Feminization

Donald Duck & friends comic #362. Believe it or not it’s an all martial arts issue. But here Donald has signed on as an assistant on a kung-fu movie. When the female lead gets sick he gets drafted to take her place. So we see Donald getting corseted, made up and dressed in drag, AND thinking how proud his nephews will be when they find out he is going to be the romantic FEMALE lead in a film.

Dec 15

TLOG 73: The 25 Question Game – I Promise this is the last one!

The 25 Question Game 1. What’s your favorite color? 2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? 3. Do you play an instrument? (If so, what is it?) 4. How old were you when you got your first kiss? 5. What month is your birthday in? 6. Did you have a sweet sixteen birthday party? 7. What book would you recommend others to read? 8. Where is your favorite place? 9. Do you love to spend time in libraries? 10. What would you do with a million dollars? 11. When are you the happiest? 12. What is a favorite thing about yourself? 13. What is your most embarrassing moment? 14. Who did you last take a picture with? 15. What is your dream job? 16. What is your dream car? 17. Name one item you can’t live without. 18. Name one lesson in life you have learned. 19. What is your favorite thing to do with a day off? 20. What is your favorite food of all time? 21. Favorite place in the world? 22. Favorite band? 23. List the perfect day. 24. Best number!? 25. Best asset of yourself?

Dec 12

His Secret

Feminization commercial.

Dec 06

Randi Michelle Movie 01

As my handle indicates, I love to expose, put on display, submissive sissies. This is my first YouTube effort, a Southern California-based sissy, Randi Michelle. She told me that she craved to be put on display and submitted her photos to me for my Flickr photostream. She said that she wanted dominant men to see her on YouTube. Little did she know that I could combine her photos, caption them, and fulfill her wish of being posted on YouTube. Once a manager, like many she is currently unemployed so she’s looking for work. Don’t you think she should be would make a good secretary? She’s very submissive and says she’s looking to be collared and forced to live 24/7/365 as a service-oriented, live-in sissy to a dominant Master. I have a complete resume for Randi. If you’re interested, E-mail me at and I will provide you her complete contact information, home and E-mail address and phone number. Enjoy her humiliation and please, leave comments.

Dec 03

His Secret

Appears to be an ad for some kind of feminization service. It’s unclear. There’s no site information.

Nov 30

Tiny Toons: Feminization/ Crossdressing