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Jan 19

Cartoon Feminization Comic

Artwork by Tardgrin

Jan 14

Donald Duck: A Star is Hatched Feminization

Donald Duck & friends comic #362. Believe it or not it’s an all martial arts issue. But here Donald has signed on as an assistant on a kung-fu movie. When the female lead gets sick he gets drafted to take her place. So we see Donald getting corseted, made up and dressed in drag, AND thinking how proud his nephews will be when they find out he is going to be the romantic FEMALE lead in a film.

Nov 30

Tiny Toons: Feminization/ Crossdressing

Nov 28

Sonic & Shadow: Feminization/ GenderBender

Oct 08

Odd Date: Feminization/ Crossdressing

Theme Bar Grooves Mix – DJ C2Paulo

Sep 18

Bugs Bunny: I don’t Carrot all Feminization

Looney Tunes Comic #103 Bugs as sexy female shopper.

Sep 08

Bugs Bunny: Miss A-Hare-Ica Feminization

Looney Tunes Comic Issue 101