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Mar 02

Femdom Femdom Foot Worship Hosed Feet Black Heel

Kiss Foot Stink Feet Seduce Feminization Nylon Sniffing Feet Licking Boricua Feet Nylon Feet Nylon Foot Worship Lady Shoes Sole Worship Black Feet Feet Soles Feet Humiliation ToeSucker Nylon Tickling Summer Shoe Nail Polish Shoes Pedal Pumping

Dec 21

trans-passing-MtF/feminization//everyday makeup///tips

vry long video. i go over how to help your appearance look more feminine, highlight and contouring, blush colors and application, fake eyelashes, a little natural/minimal eye makeup, lipsticks and liners, and a lot more. if you’re looking for a vid that can help with ‘passing’ and just femininity tips when it comes to your makeup, this is the video for you.

Jul 15

Dress to impress Crossdressing Show

Dress to impress Crossdressing Show