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Aug 22

Cupid’s Books Erotica – Award Winning – Xcite Books – eBooks – Audio Books offers a huge range of Award Winning erotica in eBook, Audio Book and Paperback format. Great prices across a large site. is a fun site which offers a huge range of erotic fiction.

Aug 03

MIXED WRESTLING – Female Wrestler Pins Male Wrestler

Female wrestler STANKA Zlateva 72kg(160 pounds) vs Male wrestler 135kg(300 pounds) …….OMG Real Mixed Wrestling

Feb 12

Best Female Submission Wrestler of All Times

Who is the best female submission wrestler of all times? To read about this poll & vote please visit this thread at our forums: The list of candidates: option # 1: Judell Du Long option # 2: Beatrice Goffin option # 3: Maggie Jennings option # 4: Sonia Fernandez option # 5: Raquel option # 6: Helen von Mott option # 7: Shannon Logan option # 8: Kathy Gifford option # 9: Nadege option # 10: Liz Lightspeed option # 11: Tiffany Honorable mentions: Lee Price, Zory, Ziggy, Jet, Heather Fine, Flamedragon, Viktoria M, Xana, Veve Lane

Nov 20

Tales of the Imp

Part 1. Darius and the Pumpkin launcher

Jul 21


Starshine rushes to rescue spidey but finds he has been brainwashed by Darkshade. He turns on her and an epic battle ensues.

Feb 04

Locked In Lace – Forced Feminization 101

This is a video presentation of our Forced Feminization essay at Locked In Lace. All text and images are by Melissa Daniels and Renee Carter. The original essay can be found here: Locked In Lace – – is an adults-only site for interactive forced feminization. It’s home to the M&R Corporation and Lacy Place roleplaying games, as well as captions, stories, general girly chatter, and many other fun distractions. So, as long as you’re over 18, please feel free to stop by, and don’t forget to register if you want to join in and experience everything on offer! All we ask is that you take your time looking around, and get to know the basic rules and guidelines, so you don’t rush in and upset people or get confused. And, most of all, we hope you have fun!

Jan 09

Philosophy of a Femme Domme: #5 Power “The 5 Bases of Power”

Five bases of power: Social psychologist French and Raven, developed the idea of the Five bases of power. In their research they discovered and named 4 categories of power, with one having been added later. These categories of power reflect the different bases, or resources, that a person in power relies on. I will go over each of the 5 bases of power, giving a brief definition of each. I highly recommend following the links below for more information on French and Ravens research. Read the text: More on wiki: !!Follow me on Twitter!! Tags / Search Keywords: Domme Kyaa Philosophy Femme Female social psychologist John French Bertam Raven 1959 Five bases of Power Coercive Reward Legitimate Positional Referent Expert Leadership Logic Skepticism Dynamics Relationships Control Dominatrix Domination Submission Sex Sexuality Power Powerful Woman BDSM Education Ed. HD High Definition

Jul 27

Sexy Dominant Woman 2

Video of a sexy young dominant woman wrestling a weak man id like to trade videos i have many so if you have any lets trade