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Dec 15

TLOG 73: The 25 Question Game – I Promise this is the last one!

The 25 Question Game 1. What’s your favorite color? 2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? 3. Do you play an instrument? (If so, what is it?) 4. How old were you when you got your first kiss? 5. What month is your birthday in? 6. Did you have a sweet sixteen birthday party? 7. What book would you recommend others to read? 8. Where is your favorite place? 9. Do you love to spend time in libraries? 10. What would you do with a million dollars? 11. When are you the happiest? 12. What is a favorite thing about yourself? 13. What is your most embarrassing moment? 14. Who did you last take a picture with? 15. What is your dream job? 16. What is your dream car? 17. Name one item you can’t live without. 18. Name one lesson in life you have learned. 19. What is your favorite thing to do with a day off? 20. What is your favorite food of all time? 21. Favorite place in the world? 22. Favorite band? 23. List the perfect day. 24. Best number!? 25. Best asset of yourself?

Jun 01

TLOG #4 Pre Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with Dr Spiegel

Firstly, sorry I have no mak-up, it’s late, I’m tired and haven’t had much sleep. I have been using my voice full time, but it’s starting to get a little worn out + I have a stye on my left eye (ouch). I need rest!!! Okay, Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is with Dr Jeffery Spiegel on April 5th, 2011 at the Boston Medical University. The procedures are the following: a. Hair line advancement, b. Brow bossing (smoothing the brow), c. Brow lift, d. Lip augmentation, e. High Cheek implant, f. Nose Job (Reduction in size), g. Jawline rounded, smoothed out, i. Trachea Shave (Adams Apple), j. One ear pinned back. A special thank you to my Mum, Dad and Aunt for traveling from Australia to help me through the recovery. Also thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and wishes. Love you all, Jamie

Sep 26

Pre Facial Feminization Surgery

This is my last video before FFS on the 16th 🙂 I’ll try to keep in contact with everyone during my absence.