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Jan 26

Are there in Femdom or dominatrix groups based in the North Alabama area?

I would like to try to break into that lifestyle but do not know anyone who does that. I am wandering if there are any internet groups based in North Alabama/southern Tennessee area which are free to join and legitimate. Legitimate is huge because all the yahoo groups I have seen had nothing on their message boards but spam or were dead. Or if any female does that and happens to read this but does not belong to a group, you can message me and we can talk.

Aug 23

How do I stop getting spammed by a Yahoo group that says I am not a member?

I am not a member of but I get tons of spam from this group. I try to go there and remove myself as Yahoo’s useless documentation says but the group says I must join to be a member. There seems to be no way to get rid of this crud and Yahoo has been NO help.