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smoking fetish mzinhale-allinpink

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Alexxxya – Intoxicating

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Helga – La Louve de Stilberg (1977)

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Smoking Fetish Black Mistress Burns Cigarettes…Funny Sexy Video! Black Queen Lara in 2040

I GAVE MYSELF A MATURE FACE TREATMENT FOR THIS VIDEO. RATE IT! Black Mistress Lara Victore’s Gucci high heels shoes, leather gloves, Louis Vuitton purse and shawl, cigarette and no make-up. This Video speaks for itself. Again a webcam moment on July 24, I might as well send it to Life in a day. I needed my just waking up voice and non-rinsed soap on my face to create fake wrinkles effect (In French, fausses rides avec savon non rincée). This video has cut my smoking craving in 2 and I am on my way to show this lamentable addiction the door!

Dec 19

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Dec 06 Feminization: how to walk feminine

HypnosisCLICK HERE: tips and tricks for walking like an elegant model. To become more feminine and lady like. to walk sexy and natural more feminine. Great tips for transsexuals or transgenders requiring more feminization.

Dec 02 Feminization:Feminine Voice Pt.1

HypnosisTips and tricks for creating a feminine voice with the correct pitch resonance tone Voice quality Phrasing Pacing Loudness Melodic intonation Fluency Articulation etc. Feminize the resonance of your speech. Resonance is one of the most important aspects of feminizing your voice. Resonance is the fullness of your vocal tone. Males have a larger throat than ladies which creates a deep rumbling sound even when the pitch is the same. To create a more feminine resonance consciously contract your throat slightly to create a smaller space. This creates a thinner sound to the voice.

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