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Aug 07

Cuckold Time Episode 6 “The Surprise”

Krissy (formally known as Nick) has come home from running errands to hear Jen having some fun with her lover. Afterwards, they discuss plans for the evening and reminisce right before Jen feeds Krissy a big slice of humble pie. The SURPRISE SAGA begins..

Jun 16

You know you’re a crossdresser when …

Top 10 crossdressing you know you’re a crossdresser when…

May 25

How to make a girl from boy in a 4 minutes

How to make a girl from boy in a 4 minutes. More videos:

Dec 21


This was me last February (2010). I love playing baby girl sissy boy dress up. Do you? MESSAGE. COMMENT. LIKE AB_DL_FOREVER

Dec 06

Randi Michelle Movie 01

As my handle indicates, I love to expose, put on display, submissive sissies. This is my first YouTube effort, a Southern California-based sissy, Randi Michelle. She told me that she craved to be put on display and submitted her photos to me for my Flickr photostream. She said that she wanted dominant men to see her on YouTube. Little did she know that I could combine her photos, caption them, and fulfill her wish of being posted on YouTube. Once a manager, like many she is currently unemployed so she’s looking for work. Don’t you think she should be would make a good secretary? She’s very submissive and says she’s looking to be collared and forced to live 24/7/365 as a service-oriented, live-in sissy to a dominant Master. I have a complete resume for Randi. If you’re interested, E-mail me at and I will provide you her complete contact information, home and E-mail address and phone number. Enjoy her humiliation and please, leave comments.

Nov 20

Forced Feminization Guide

Free Download:

Oct 19

Lovely Delilah

I have done this remix for the one & Only Bossy Queen Goddess Delilah

Aug 08

(serious)BDSM sissy slave help please?

Plz help me!Im a femdom that likes being called Master caz Im not very girly.My sissy is behaved at times(started training almost 4month ago)but she(he) sumtimes calls me love.Shes sarcastic also.I do punish her.What else can I do?Any tips?

Jul 06

sissy OUT in public

sissy was instructed to get dolled up and gas up her car. It was about 11PM.

Jun 16

crossdresser out in public

crossdressing and going out in public, its very exciting!