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Aug 25

I Bought New Dresses!!!! =D -Crossdressing

I bought two new dresses recently =) I love my blue and grey one it’s SO CUTE!!! =D and I’ve bought a wig, and new stockings, I want to get some flats sometime… shopping is so much fun!!! And sorry for the grainy image, I totally forgot there was a night vision thingy on my camera -.-

Aug 06

Heidi crossdresser Creating Clip-ons #2

Using lever-back style Hoops. These even give the illusion of having pierced ears.

Mar 24

Crossdressing Getting Ready to Party like a Tranny Tonight

Just me putting on my girl cloths ready to go shopping at the mall then go out to the bar and have a few drinks! Just having fun with the camera! Add me on facebook! Tell me if you like it Im looking for comments and veiws! 😀 Also please comment and subcribe and like!

Feb 02

Heidi crossdresser, Creating clip-ons. #1

Using “hook” style earrings and converting them to clip-ons.

Dec 17

Heidi crossdresser outdoors

photo series of shots taken outside

Dec 15

TLOG 73: The 25 Question Game – I Promise this is the last one!

The 25 Question Game 1. What’s your favorite color? 2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? 3. Do you play an instrument? (If so, what is it?) 4. How old were you when you got your first kiss? 5. What month is your birthday in? 6. Did you have a sweet sixteen birthday party? 7. What book would you recommend others to read? 8. Where is your favorite place? 9. Do you love to spend time in libraries? 10. What would you do with a million dollars? 11. When are you the happiest? 12. What is a favorite thing about yourself? 13. What is your most embarrassing moment? 14. Who did you last take a picture with? 15. What is your dream job? 16. What is your dream car? 17. Name one item you can’t live without. 18. Name one lesson in life you have learned. 19. What is your favorite thing to do with a day off? 20. What is your favorite food of all time? 21. Favorite place in the world? 22. Favorite band? 23. List the perfect day. 24. Best number!? 25. Best asset of yourself?

Dec 02

Adventures in Crossdressing: Penultimate Chapter of this Trip

I actually shot the previously posted video of me posing behind the car AFTER this one, but the posting order didn’t matter in this case, and there’s still one more to post anyway. I said it would be 9 parts, but it will be 8. One video was really short and unnecessary so I’m not going to post it. I basically shot the building and said “Maybe I’ll get to do this next year”. Let’s hope. Even though I say goodnight here, I went to one more store and shot myself in the mirror section-you’ll see soon enough.

Dec 24

Eileen Fisher goes shopping in Munchen crossdressed

Eileen Fisher goes shopping in Munich, Big city in Germany. Eileen is a transgender m to f , who loves to do citytrips, taking pictures and enjoy life!