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Nov 26

1950’s Sex Change

TG Tales are for fun and entertainment. This time we go retro.

Nov 18

Feminize your male with technology from Femlab

Femlab, the worlds leader in Feminization and robotization technology is proud to announce its latest achievements in this infomercial. You can convert your significant other to a sexy female or sexbot and vastly improve your relationship. Choose a full conversion by Femlab!

Nov 06

Feminization and Robofeminization by Femlab

You can convert your significant other to a female robot and boost your companionship and sexlife – save your relationship with a full conversion by Femlab!

Apr 09

feminize your husband.wmv

Feminize your husband, Vol 1. Tracey is fed up that her husband never shows her any attention in bed. She asks her plastic surgeon friend for help, who says that he can change Sam, but he will be a completely different person. Sam is transformed into Samantha…

Dec 08

About how much does facial feminization sergury cost?

And to you have to have gotten a sex change before you can qualify for one?