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Apr 28

Vicki Vegotta – Aroused by Crossdressing? Transgender Questions, Help & Advice #5

Please Like & Share This Video! Vicki Vegotta is back to answer your questions! Today’s questions: I am aroused by crossdressing. Should I be worried? How do I get my girlfriend to accept my crossdressing? My parents found my mother’s clothing in my room after I was crossdressing. What should I do? What do girls really think about crossdressing? I was home alone crossdressing and my maids almost caught me. Help! How risky is it to put pictures of myself dressed as a girl on the web? I think transsexuals are disgusting, but I’m not afraid of them. Am I transphobic? I can’t tell if you’re a boy or a girl. Can I call you “it”? Leave your questions for Vicki in the comments below and she’ll answer them on the next episode of Ask Vicki. About Vicki: Vicki Vegotta is a young man from Brooklyn, New York who enjoys boxing, action movies, macking ladies, and dressing up like a woman from time to time. She also enjoys giving advice, telling it like it is, and not holding back. Vicki has been banned from most online cross-dressing communities due to the fact that she does not hold her tongue. People are afraid of Vicki and the message she has to share. Jessica is a little bit afraid to hang out with Vicki. Thank you so much for watching! Hi, I’m Jessica Who? And yea, I’m a dude! —————————————————————————————————- TWITTER – FACEBOOK – GOOGLE PLUS –

Aug 13

Crossdresser Video Showing off Fashion Line From Suddenly Femâ„¢

No matter what your Feminine Fantasy: Sassy, Dynamic, Demure, Bold or Sexy, the Suddenly Fem brand at has you covered! We have been providing cutting edge fashions for the Crossdressing and Drag Queen Community for 20 years, so you are assured a perfect fit and a satisfying experience. Become feminine quickly and easily under the guidance of the transgender clothing industry leader. All of our clothing, lingerie, wigs, jewelry and accessories are specially designed and manufactured for the transgendered shopper. Come experience the difference in fit and feel of clothing made just for you! As opposed to every other online store selling to drag queens, Suddenly fem, stands alone with the knowledge and experience so that your garments and accessories FIT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME – saving you the time and hassle of buying & returning at other shops that simply sell plus size women’s clothing styles. Step outside yourself and live out your fantasy. We look forward to appointing you with the most enticing fashions along your exciting journey into femininity. Trust the designers at Suddenly Fem To Help You Look Your Best.