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May 29

Voice feminization lesson #4

I hope that these videos will help you on your quest to feminize and transition your life!

May 13

Voice feminization lesson #2

Time to learn how to feminnize your voice finaly. Its time to speak the way you feel on the inside! Lets get started!

Aug 02

Post op ffs facial feminization one month

Speaking about alternatives for taking away hair in the front. We thinking on electrolysis, laser and we have even get a thought of balloons under the skin to stretch it even if it seems really complicated and a long process, not even sure if it´s possible. We will most probably not find and place fot this balloon surgery in Sweden but I have sent e-mail to a clinic in Beverly Hills but no answer yet. It could take 4 months until the skin is stretched enough and you have to stay there, can’t do anything because the balloons could broke and it’s not fun t have a balloon on the forehead 4 months. It will even be really expensive and not sure if they even do that on the forehead but we know they do it on other places on the body. If you do a surgeon like this and move the hairline, be sure that the surgeon and you have the same idea of what “I want to move the hairline little” means.. And not be to impressed about a surgeons reputation, homepage and list of qualifications and titel because you will never be sure of what you get. That is what we have learned until now… We will off course contact our surgeon too but we will wait a while until everything is 100% healed so that he can’t say that “you haven’t seen the result yet, wait some months and come back later”.. we will even do more research for finding good ways to show him with numbers and calculation and science that the proportions is wrong. Until now we have only find the “golden ratio” for measure faces and a lot

Mar 08

MTF Transgender Voice | Vocal Feminization

My contribution to the conversation about vocal feminization… how I did it, the techniques I used, and how you can use them yourself. My computer microphone isn’t wonderful, and ironically it lowers my voice a bit.

Nov 19

The feminization of Michael Jackson 2: Quotes

For 32 years the media cast doubt on Michael Jackson’s masculinity, eventually blaming him for the freakish image that THEY had created.

Oct 10

The feminization of Michael Jackson 1: Voice

Phony portrayals of Michael Jackson’s voice were the main weapon the media used to degrade his masculinity. A practiced falsetto singer, Jackson was often shy and tense in interviews, which caused him to speak softly. The media ran with this, often portraying him with the voice of a girl. Over the years, the caricatures drowned out Michael’s real voice, but you can hear it clearly in these clips. (All original content belongs to the copyright holders, and has been used selectively for illustration, example, and to provoke discussion.)