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Nov 22

Cirugía de Feminizacion Facial – ( FFS ) Facial Feminization Surgery: Alejandra

Paciente de Facial Team una semana después de cirugía de feminizacion facial en Marbella, España. Facial Feminization Surgery of Alejandra performed by Facial Team in Marbella . The procedures performed by Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon: forehead bone reduction, liplift, nostril reduction, trachea shave. Alejandra came from Holland for this life-changing step in her transition, staying in the hospital for 2 days and returning home only 10 days after surgery. Feminización Facial Cirugía de Alejandra Quito por el Facial Team realizado en Marbella. Los procedimientos realizados por el Dr. Luis Capitán y el Dr. Daniel Simón: reducción osea de frente, reducción fosas nasales, elevación labio superior, reducción traquea. Ella viajó desde Holanda para completar este paso tan importante en su transición. Se quedó 2 noches en hospital y luego volvió a casa después de 10 días post-operatorios.

Nov 14

Feminization and Surgeries!

My thoughts on implants, and all things artificial.. Do them for you but be sure you are doing them for the right reasons.. Follow me on twitter @tonacity facebook: Tona Brown

Oct 31

Chicken consumption and the feminization of male genitalia

Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and he’ll answer it!

Sep 30

Chicken consumption and the feminization of male genitalia

Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at he’ll answer it! VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Eating chicken during pregnancy may affect the size and development of one’s son’s penis and scrotum due to phthalate contamination of the meat.

Jul 19

facial feminization surgery: thoughts and opinions

my opinions on facial feminization surgery and other plastic surgery

May 04

Vocal Fold Shortening (Voice Feminization Surgery of transgender)

Post-operation voice is 5 months after the operation. Fundamental Frequency has increased from 102Hz to 201Hz.

Sep 19

Facial Feminization Surgery 2: Procedures and Goals.

Here I discuss procedures that can be done to physically make a more masculine skull more feminine. I also discuss differences in goals ranging from Amanda Lepore (you can google her if you like) to the girl next door. Myself? Well… watch and see!:)

Aug 03

Agave clinic – Facial feminization

A short video showing facial feminization surgery performed at the Agave clinic, Marbella. This clinic specializes in this kind of surgery, softening the facial structure in female and transgender patients. The full video is obtainable on DVD from the clinic at

Jul 11

Facial Feminization Surgery 1: Differences Between the Male and Female Skull

Here I loosely discuss the differences between the male and female skull. These differences are what many transgendered women try to ‘correct’ with facial feminization surgery. I say ‘correct’ because I don’t think ANYONE should feel as if they NEED it. If you’re comfortable in your skin, wear it proudly. 🙂 ON A SIDE NOTE. Absolutely NO more emails referring to or asking about my husband as trans. He’s a cisgendered male (his identity and body were the same at birth) and he is NOT getting FFS. He simply volunteered to model for me so I could explain some stuff.