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Jul 16

Crossdressing was a way of Life , Now It Over

i went out just on a lovely night in June the 23 of 2012 , it was 900, pm at night , i was in a sexy new mini skirt high heels and a nice top ,walking my friends Dog and wow Conney island was packed that night, and i got stop by two woman , preaching the word of god they had no Ida at first i was a guy , but any way i never been so belittle in my life, the made me feel like a cheap low life whore, and made me so-so guilty , as they were saying I’m going to Rot and Burn in hell along with all the other crossdressers ,gays ,Transsexual’s and anyone that is not married , i went Home and Really stareded to think about it all that night ,maybe they are Right , so that it for me I’m giving up the whole thing , its over for me

May 29

My Crossdressing Photo Shoot

My lovely photo shoot with Miss Gina Ortiz last July. She is responsible for the transformation and the photography.

Nov 27

Crossdressing Photo Shoot For Suddenly Femâ„¢

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