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Mar 25

How messed up am I? Femdom, Shemales, Bondage etc.?

I am wondering if any other guys have dirty little fantasies that they wouldnt dare tell anyone else. I have this thing for fantasizing about being chained up, sodomized and humiliated by sexy bitchy women or sexy bitchy shemales. I also fantasize about performing oral sex on a shemale, but have NEVER had a fantasy about an actual man, ever, I think if a sexy woman had a penis and she would take total control over me with it while I am helpless, I would be on cloud nine, Ive never told my girlfriend this, but she has mildly dominated me, and used fingers, thats as far as it has gone though. I am extremely sexual and always have been even since I was a little kid I masturbated or fantasized sexually, even though I had a normal youth. When it comes to sex I have never been with a girl who could live up to my sexual kinkyness, as I would have NO limits. How messed up am I, should I seek help? Or do alot of people have dirty little fantasies?

Nov 17

Katherine Heigl – CFNM Foozeball (From 100 Girls)

A group of guys loose a game of Foozeball and are forced to bare all to Katherine Heigl and her sorrority sisters.