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Aug 25

I Bought New Dresses!!!! =D -Crossdressing

I bought two new dresses recently =) I love my blue and grey one it’s SO CUTE!!! =D and I’ve bought a wig, and new stockings, I want to get some flats sometime… shopping is so much fun!!! And sorry for the grainy image, I totally forgot there was a night vision thingy on my camera -.-

Jul 31

Foot Fetish Asian Femdom

Asian Foot Fetish Videos At:

Jul 23

A sweet sissy maid

A sissy maid shows how to do a proper curtsey.

Apr 06

Office Lady Pantyhose Worship

If you are a co-worker, will you reject those delicious, sweaty feet clad in tan nylons she offers to you?

Jan 20

It’s December Crossdressing Time

Just a sweet Transvestite exploring life through video. It’s been almost 2 months since I last uploaded a video. I have been wanting to make a video sooner but things got in the way. I did a lot of shopping in November and got a dress and some heels. I love my red heels so much!! Hope you will like them and next year I’ll wear them for a video. Got other stuff I will show in another video. Have a great holiday and New Year! So much to look forward to next year!

Oct 31

Cruel Facesitting by 2 Princesses

They dont care about the human dogs! They get everything they want from them !

Oct 28

Simone Panteleit in a purple opaque Pantyhose

Oct 16

Pink Toe Pedicure (Part 2 of 2)

Silver glitter on pink toes

Oct 13

Feet on the table for you

Black and Red pedicure

Oct 12

Crossdressing Trip Part 7-Appreciating Pantyhose

It occurred to me while I was looking at the pantyhose that they’ve given me a lot of good feeling so I decided to return the good feeling with a hug. Positivity! This will probably be the last video in this series, I took others but wasn’t satisfied with them.