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Sep 11

If i was born a girl can i still get facial feminization surgery?

Im a 15 year old girl & people always say i have masculine features. they always say is that a man or woman? she got a long ass head & look like tran ect. Can getting facial feminization surgery help change my face shape?

Mar 31

How can I ask a girl if I can lick her feet?

I would be a slave. I love femdom.
I would massage, kiss and lick a Mistress’s feet.
But.. how can I ask to be her slave? Or.. how can I know if a girl would allow me to do it? I can’t simply tell "Can I be your slave and link your foot?" ..please help me! I really need it.
PS: I should ask it to a 13-20 years old girl.
I’m Italian and I posted a reason in Italian’s Yahoo! Answers. Now i post it here too, translated.