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Jul 14

Nightlife – Romantic Eros Dance Mix

May 23

Sleeping by The Crossdressing Contortionists (Official Music Video)

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Apr 22

Random- Phantom’s rendition of the theme for Fleshvine’s FemDom Experiments

Phantom has mad skills with his mouth, yo.. 😉

Apr 16

† Femme Fatales † Government Hooker

Made this video with amazing xKillerFemmeFatalex :):) cause we both like femme fatales!:) Alias/Elektra – Jennifer Garner Batman Returns – Michelle Pfeiffer Basic Instinct – Sharon Stone BloodRayne Catwoman – Halle Berry Charlie’s Angels – Demi Moore, cameron…

Sep 10

Secrets of Isis — Goddess Joanna Cameron — Glam Rock instrumental

In 1975 as a senior in high school I used to wake up every Saturday morning to watch the goddess Joanna Cameron in Secrets of Isis. I used to listen to David Bowie, Roxy Music, Slade and The Sweet when they were at their peak. I have to say that Joanna Cameron had as big an influence on me. While thinking of glam I was also thinking of the goddess Joanna Cameron while I wrote an performed this guitar instrumental tonight. This is in the style of Roxy Music or The Spiders From Mars. I like the Phil Manzanera and Mick Ronson guitar styles. Played on the 1981 Electra Omega X210 guitar, and 1974 Ibanez Jazz Bass. Using some of my homebuilt effects on this including the Phase 45 phase shifter and AMZ MOSFET boost. This guitar is a Les Paul Custom. The Electra Omegas that I own are actually better than 70’s Gibson Les Pauls that I have also owned. This instrumental is in 7/4 time signature at a tempo of 86 beats per minute. To listen in stereo type this at the end of the URL &fmt=18 or just click on this link NOTE: I also uploaded this to Vimeo where it sounds a lot nicer and the pictures are clearer I HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

Jan 13

Girl femdom witn sneakers! Priscilla’s thigh high sexybitches ;)

Priscilla wearing her thigh high sneakers..

Dec 12

Feminizing Soy

Turn your mansy into a pansy with Feminizing Soy! This is a fauxmercial from ‘Access of Evil’. The first episode airs the 3rd week of August on San Francisco Cable Channel 29.

Dec 04

New young jeezy music outdoor fire pit gas the joy of sex filme porn gratis femdom handjobs

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Jul 15

Dress to impress Crossdressing Show

Dress to impress Crossdressing Show