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May 17

“Female Ego Boosted USA/Western world” (JUST CLICK)

Bill Maher on the feminization of society Patrice O’Neal on the Constitution and America (Opie and Anthony)

Jan 14

Goddess Says – Stone Statue 18+ (Spoken)

Spoken Script, Stone Statue Available for download on Training you to become my Purrfect Hypnotic Subject through hypnosis and binaural beats, tones. (Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain for specific physical stimuli.)

Oct 02

Feminization Hypnosis

Kind of short and no sound

Jul 21

Feminization Breast Hypnosis

Feminization breast hypnosis is a powerful mp3 and did you realize that your mind is the most powerful feminizing tool you have? Transform your self-image so you can feel your breasts starting to develop more and more and become your ideal feminine self. Reprogram your subconscious mind to feminize your thoughts, behaviours, and all aspects of your feminine image. Eliminate masculine habits and male traits so you can effortlessly present yourself as a woman. Feel you’re the feminization breast enlargement hypnosis working, feel your nipples tingle. http

Mar 26


Natural gender transition from MTF. No surgeries were needed at all. The change has been pulled from inside making the masculine energy get down and sink into de unconscious. I am a normal woman now, my transition has ended and I have no “passability” issues as I am not “passing as” but being a full woman.

Dec 19

Self Hypnosis Relaxation trance mind meditation Hypnotic walk in the amazon rainforest with relaxing sound effects of the river,tropical birds, and wildlife. Nice comfortable hypnotic music. Enter the site and find many free mp3s. Also sessions for dating, confidence, gay hypnosis, insomnia, anxiety, prosperity, feminization, hypnotic feminisation, hypnosis for bodybuilding, breast enlargement, stress hypnosis, weight loss quit smoking, and hypnotherapy using shaman rhythms and binaural beats.Self hypnosis and hypnotherapy for relaxation and meditation anti stress using shaman hypnosis. Mp3 hypnosis for downloads and hypnosis for deep trance using binaural inductions, shamanic beats, and hypnotic rhythms. hypnosis comfort eating, binge eating fast food, boredom eating, bulimia treatment, caffeine addiction, childbirth hypnosis, chocolate addiction, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic pain management. Also we can help with kleptomania, compulsive lying, confidence in the classroom, confidence in meetings or confidence with your boss, and dealing with grief, delayed ejaculation, ending a relationship with Hypnos help, energy booster, envy and jealousy, or excessive sweating. Phobias are irrational fears, such as a fear of the dark or afraid of being alone, fear of dogs, cats, cows, birds, phobia with death, fear of vomiting, paranoia, afraid that the phone might ring, phobia with authority, ageing and growing old, and very common is the problem with fear of blood and needles, or anesthesia

Dec 14

MESMERANGEL Dream Induction Hypnosis Relaxation mind control femdom Sample

Get the whole video at

Aug 10

HYPNOSIS, Free Hypnosis Session with Miko

Visit today! Enjoy over 100 samples and dozens of free sessions 24 In “Miss Direction” you are the worlds greatest Stage hypnotist, seduced by Susan and Miko through misdirection.

Jul 21


PLEASE LEAVE ANNOTATIONS ON! THEY CORRECT AN ERROR NEAR THE END. READ THE DESCRIPTION! Of course, you probably won’t, but that’s just rude! I’ve been noticing that I’ve been getting a lot more attention lately. I’ve received a fair few new subscribers in the past weeks alone, by just sitting here and doing nothing! How awesome is that? I’ve also been getting over 9000 requests for feminization videos since I started making videos, and the requests never stopped. So I’ve caved in and I made a set of videos, one for man to woman and another for woman to man. This video screams adult content, so you should be 18 or over to view… Not like people actually care. Also, no trigger required. I’ve come to the realization that trigger videos are stupid. I do full on inductions at the start of all my videos anyway, so I’ll just save you all 10 minutes of your lives from now on (because I’m a kind master). This video involves you walking around at one point, and talking out loud at another, so you may want to be alone for this. You need to WANT to be hypnotized for this to work. Your mind needs to be open and accepting. I recommend sitting in silence, lights off isn’t exactly recommended, but dimming may be good if you have trouble focusing or anything.

Jun 05

NIGHT SCHOOL, Dark Angel Diana, Hypnosis PG Style

Visit today! Diana Knight’s “Night School” provides the Ultimate in Hypnotic Higher Education. Nobody knows exactly what’s in store, but Diana is someone you just can’t ignore.