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May 17

“Female Ego Boosted USA/Western world” (JUST CLICK)

Bill Maher on the feminization of society Patrice O’Neal on the Constitution and America (Opie and Anthony)

Apr 04

How To Tell Your Wife / Girlfriend That You Crossdress? – Crossdresser Questions & Advice

Click Like & Leave Your Questions Below!! This is first edition of “Ask Jessica Who” in which I answer questions from you, my friends, about crossdressing, being trans, and stuff about myself. In this first episode, I answer that age-old question, “How do I tell my girlfriend / wife that I like to crossdress?” There’s no cut and dry way to do it, but I offer up some guidelines that were very helpful in my life and that I stand by. Some Keys: #1 Don’t Put it Off #2 Have Confidence #3 Be Patient #4 Get Some Alone time #5 Figure Yourself Out Please ask your questions below or email them to PS – If I seem extra tired in this video it’s because we taped it at like 3 AM!! HEHEHE that’s why I put some exciting music in the background. Thank you so much for watching! Hi, I’m Jessica Who? And yea, I’m a dude! —————————————————————————————————- LULU’S CHANNEL – GAMING CHANNEL – —————————————————————————————————- FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER – FACEBOOK FAN PAGE – GOOGLE PLUS – —————————————————————————————————- WEBSITE – GAMING BLOG – http —————————————————————————————————- Pleaseremember to share this video, add to favorites and

Jan 07

“This, is fighting.”

Michele Lee leaves Fernando Lamas with a ripped shirt and bruised ego.

Jul 28

Crossdresser Harmony – Transgender Dating Website

Thank You For Subscribing!! Please Thumbs Up & Favorite! Can you imagine if there were a dating site specifically for hetero MTF crossdressers? It would match them up with women who didn’t mind a man REALLY in touch with his feminine side. Well I decided to come up with a commercial for such a website if it did exist 🙂 MY TWIN BROTHER’S CHANNEL – MY GAMING & ACTION FIGURE CHANNEL – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – WEBSITE – GAMING BLOG – http Please remember to share this video, add to favorites and give thumbs up! Thank You!!! Look out for a brand new video next Tuesday!! (and perhaps a bonus video on Friday) Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate your support!!! Love Always Jessica De Leon MUSIC courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( Top provided by Wal Mart Beaded necklace from my wife’s jewelry box (shhhh, don’t tell her I borrowed it) Wig from your mom’s closet

Jun 09

my wife gave me murga punishment for my small mistake :((?

i lost 100rs in a bet with my friend due to which my wife is punishing me in nude murga punishment , should i obey ?
femdom exists in our marriage life !!

May 06

Have Men Become Feminized?

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Dec 23

whats the difference between a bdsm submissive and a femdom slave?

this is another area where there is much confusion. once you have establish your in to femdom, there is more always start off as a bottom. this means you simply like to play, nothing more. a submissive is some one who has graduated from that and has decided they are going to exclusively be submissive. in that role you are somewhat commited, but still have choices in what you do , how you do it, for instance you may see a domme and tell what want and how you like it. after several yrs of being submissive you might long for something , more committed and more permant. also much more specialized for both the domme and sub. this is called being a slave.
as a slave , your giving complete control of your self to the domme, by your own choice. no one is forcing you in to are her property,and really have no choice in anything past this point, you belong to her.
its her responsibility to take of you in all ways.and you will obey her every word. its also you job to please and pleasure her in all ways, and i mean all ways. ( use your imagination ). i takes huge a huge amount of trust on the part of a submissive to take this step, and it will not work with out it. by the same token as her property, she must take excellent care of you in all ways. its a very very committed relationship. many actually think it is stronger than marriage vows, i certainly do in my relationship with my owner. I have been with HER
going on 12 yrs now and i am as happy as can be and content. the same goes for her with me. i would love to hear what others think about this.

Nov 24

Feminization changes and you, step 1 of 2 has your solution to make the feminization change in your life easier. The secret is to take action and learn to accept who you really are. Transgender transformation can be easier and is starting to gain popularity and acceptance. Step 2 is at the link above.

Jul 19

Love, Marriage, and Stinking Thinking – The Feminization of America

Mark talks about “girly men” and the feminization of America and the Church, including Dr. Steven Clark’s list, The Signs of a Feminized Man. Mark and Debbie talk about teaching men to live by their feelings not being a good idea. For more information on the show and more of Mark Gungor, please check out our website,

Jul 10

Why complain about feminization of poverty when it is the successful result of feminism?

Every now and then some feminists comes up with a complaint that women are discriminated against because there is an increase in women living in poverty:


"The feminization of poverty is a phenomenon that has been observed in the United States since 1970 as female headed households accounted for a growing proportion of those below the poverty line. A large majority of these women are divorced or never-married mothers."

So..? Feminism has always been about WOMEN’S INDEPENDENCE. Okay so you’re independent now so you got what you wanted who cares if you’re poor as a result of your own decisions?

I suppose we are to rectify this by giving you money for no apparent reason? Sounds dependent on the handouts (from men) to me… Why do feminists think handouts for no reciprocal service is the definition of "independence"?
Here’s the proof feminism is to blame:

"The feminization of poverty is a phenomenon that has been observed in the United States since 1970 AS FEMALE HEADED HOUSEHOLDS accounted for a growing proportion of those below the poverty line. A large majority of these women are DIVORCED OR NEVER-MARRIED MOTHERS."

Single mothers?
Divorced women?

blabber yaga you have alzheimers don’t you? You only a moment ago triumphantly exclaimed that women are turning their backs on marriage to men, now you see the result you want to claim that is not the case. Take some pills.