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Aug 28

Crossdresser in Tight Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt with pink belt, black shirt, black heels. Blog:

Jul 20

Crossdresser Wearing Women’s Work Clothes

More Summery Workwear Style! Blog Post:

Jul 02

Crossdresser in Little Black Dress

Trying out a Going Out Style – Little Black Dress, Beige Tights, Heels and Clutch. Tights make my legs look tanned and my arms look so pale! Blog Post:

Jun 20

Crossdresser in Womens Officewear

Another Smart/Workwear look! Surprised how the long skirt actually worked well! Blog:

Jun 13

Crossdresser in French Maid Outfit

Couldn’t think of much else more feminine! Blog Post:

Jun 07

Crossdresser in Office Girl Clothes

This time wearing office style clothes, knee length tight black skirt, beige shirt and black heels. Blog Post:

Mar 06

heidi crossdresser Pin-ups

my tribute to pin-up art

Feb 08

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #9: Eye Shadow

Continuing with advice for the eyes, it’s time to talk about eye shadow. One more weapon in your arsenal to bring your eyes to the forefront.

Sep 03

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #5: Eyeliner

Coming back to make-up and start talking about eyes. This time it’s going to be eyeliner.

Dec 02

Crossdressing: Beauty School for Male Beauties

A documentary starring Zach/Duchess Zsa Zsa, who gives helpful makeup tips for beginning cross-dressers and explores the concept of drag. Check out the sources and other information on the blog: