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Mar 18

Facial feminization surgery

How the importance of srs and breast augmentation are no longer as strong of an priority for me! truly the most important thing at this point to me is facial feminization surgery! I love life now more than ever….but ffs will definitely give my life that much more!!!!!!

Feb 23

Jessica Who HD – Interview With the Crossdressing Vampire

Thanks for Subscribing!! This year’s edition of Transgender Monsters gives us a rare interview with two actual vampires. Alabaster Monrovia thinks he’s seen it all in his two to three hundred years on this planet. However, all his preconceived notions go out the window when he meets a crossdresser. Co-starring Pablo MomeƱe – (go to his page and comment ‘Jessica Who sent me’) Co-written by Josh Novey – (go to his page and comment ‘Jessica Who sent me’) Thank you so much for watching! Hi, I’m Jessica Who? And yea, I’m a dude! SUBSCRIBE – DUDE CHANNEL – GAMING CHANNEL – SECOND CHANNEL – FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER – FACEBOOK FAN PAGE – WEBSITE – GAMING BLOG – http Please remember to share this video, add to favorites and give thumbs up! Thank You!!! Look out for a brand new video next Tuesday!! (and perhaps a bonus video on Friday) Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate your support!!! Love Always Jessica De Leon Makeup – Outfit – This video was filmed with a Canon Vixia HF s200 and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11.0 Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod —

Jul 01

Grown and sexually active men only?

okay my fiance likes me to be "controlling" during sex you know what i mean. Like where i am in charge. I don’t know really what to say and do i am still kind of bad at it and he never tells me that i just know i could be better…what are somethings i could do,say or wear (other than female femdom crap that is soooo $$$) that would make him super excited?
thanks for the offer pimpin but i think you would need to ask my fiance about that one! lol

Aug 16

Do you think it’s weird for a gay guy to like Femdom?

Well, i have a gay friend and we’re cool and everything, and today while we were texting he told me had a "femdom fetish". He said it’s like where a girl dominates a guy with a strapon or something hahaha.

Personally, i think this is a little odd. Even if he only looks at the guys, but when i told him that he got sorta mad at me.

Anyways, whats your thought on that? lol