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Dec 28

Crossdressing-Dr.Gabriele Hoff-Part

Part 2 of this interesting interview on CrossDressing. Why to people crossdress? what do they get out of it? what do you do if you want to tell your partner that you are into crossdressing… all this and more with Dr. Gabriele Hoff. You can contact Dr. Gabriele at

Oct 25

kinky fetish latex lovers show the mask and gear and and and and and join us and get more action for kink lovers. You will watch full free movies and pics with other free stuffs. Article, news, reviews etc etc plus online shop.

Sep 19

Beautiful Maya Calling all Money Slaves…Mwa!

Just a little taste…

Dec 06

Cross Dressing Confession: How Should You Tell Her?

So what IS the best way to break your “Cross Dressing” secret to your girlfriend? What do YOU suggest? Leave a comment with your ideas! Fetishes and Sex Fantasies from

Nov 23

I am a guy of 24… I get attracted to dominant girls… I often visit femdom?

I often visit femdom sites and try to contact dominant fems… however I ve never come across any dominant fem frm my country… which makes me so incomplete… I wish i have a Mistress to be at her feet…. I need to know, is this kink or fetish in me…weird??.. where can i find a mistress and how?

Aug 16

devilish plan

Well now… my Devilish plan… collecting a nice set of perverts and us all laughing all the time in a perverted 24/7/365 party world. Neat… hmmm? So if you’re an outcast… a dirty lil thing… and you think you need a place to come relax a bit, maybe get away from it all… well… let me just say… come on down… Poke the site, read the links… Like The X-Men, or The Watchmen or even The Avengers… We’re going to be doing some super… perverting… and you’ll even get a chance to wear some stained… tights… Poke the links here on youtube,. you’ll learn a thing or two.