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Jul 28

Corset training for Kim

I dressed Kim in different severe boned corsets and asked her to try to move and walk. Corsets made by Bizarre Design.

Jul 07

KP Abridged Part 1: Crossdressing Russian!?

Apparently Russians can’t pronounce anything properly…no capes! 😀 Anyway this was just an experiment so I could get the feel of abridging stuff, I’ve never done it before but I hope to do more and improve! This was just a side project, my real abridge project should begin next month and whether I do KPA on the side is up to you guys. Seriously, should I continue? It’s fun and I think I started getting the hang of it after awhile, but it’s still work TT (And to anyone who knew about me working on this ahead of time, I went ahead and made this now so I would have a month to work on Part 2- then DDD comes out… Basically I got concerned with time and didn’t take any VA’s)

Aug 10

HYPNOSIS, Free Hypnosis Session with Miko

Visit today! Enjoy over 100 samples and dozens of free sessions 24 In “Miss Direction” you are the worlds greatest Stage hypnotist, seduced by Susan and Miko through misdirection.