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Mar 24

Should I do facial feminization surgery before I transition so that I look female?

I am just wanting some advice on this, should I get all of the above (facial feminization surgery, laser hair removal and speech therapy and/or voice box surgery), especially facial feminization surgery, laser hair removal and speech therapy completed before I even start hormones and the transitioning process so that once I start the living as a female for a year I already appear and sound female to the rest of the world and to myself?? Is this a good idea, is it plausible and possible?? Any information will be great ^_^

Mar 01

Kelly (MTF) Vlog 2. Facial Feminization Surgery and HRT, Saving money.

Me talking about facial feminization surgery, HRT. Saving money in general. I want to go see Dr. Toby Mayer, in Beverly Hills – jamielivefree is the channel i was on about

Feb 26

Wearing a bikini in front of hundreds of people!!

My daring experience of wearing a bikini in front of hundreds of people while looking one hundred percent like a guy and there reactions to me !!!! people actually threw me beads when I flashed them!!!! It was so funny! I must have a death wish… just kidding…. Thankyou for watching!!!!

Feb 02

2012 02 01 Thoughts regarding attaining a feminine voice for Transwomen

I decided to bite the bullet and do a ‘So you’re thinking about changing your voice’ video. Whats follows are things to think about when trying to find your pitch. There are many steps after that, however, it is one of the best places to start.

Jan 21

The Transgendered Voice: How to Feminize (Sound Genetic, easy!!)

A how to guide for feminizing the transgender voice without having to take the surgical method. Written by someone who many have said, found the way, to feminizing the transgender voice.

Jan 03



Nov 24

TG LIFE Crossdressing Dr. John Kowalczyk Gina Lance #1

For more info visit: You Can Reach Dr. Kowalczyk In Los Angeles at 213-977-1176

Nov 22

Cirugía de Feminizacion Facial – ( FFS ) Facial Feminization Surgery: Alejandra

Paciente de Facial Team una semana después de cirugía de feminizacion facial en Marbella, España. Facial Feminization Surgery of Alejandra performed by Facial Team in Marbella . The procedures performed by Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon: forehead bone reduction, liplift, nostril reduction, trachea shave. Alejandra came from Holland for this life-changing step in her transition, staying in the hospital for 2 days and returning home only 10 days after surgery. Feminización Facial Cirugía de Alejandra Quito por el Facial Team realizado en Marbella. Los procedimientos realizados por el Dr. Luis Capitán y el Dr. Daniel Simón: reducción osea de frente, reducción fosas nasales, elevación labio superior, reducción traquea. Ella viajó desde Holanda para completar este paso tan importante en su transición. Se quedó 2 noches en hospital y luego volvió a casa después de 10 días post-operatorios.

Oct 06



Oct 02

Feminization Hypnosis

Kind of short and no sound