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May 12

How To Really Be a Passable Girl, Changes since Feminization – MTF Transsexual Life

My Pennsylvania accent really comes out bad in this one, haha… That’s what happens when I actually have a lot to say. Some written rules to becoming REAL (“The Most Passable You”). Please take the recommendations about diet seriously. A healthy diet provides so much more than just boosted feminization (along with self-empowerment and HRT): It can provide you with an extended and rejuvenated life, a much more pristine perception of the world, and a greater overall experience of happiness. Don’t sell yourself cheap! If you would like a basic groundwork to modify your diet to a generally more healthy state, I suggest you read the book FANTASTIC VOYAGE, by Ray Kurzweil. Although I don’t follow the exact diet outlined in the book (I make some extra modifications), it is more than enough to provide you with life-extension. As a bonus: The book is also filled with informative foresight on biotechnological and nanotechnological advancement to come!

Mar 26

Foot show, stomach trampling with fitness girls Latia, Lisa and Courtney

New girls and videos being added for viewers at requests are still coming in and we’re going to try to fulfill them as best we can. Please share this with your friends, comment, like or favor, and don’t forget to SUB! Thanks all !