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Feb 12

Best Female Submission Wrestler of All Times

Who is the best female submission wrestler of all times? To read about this poll & vote please visit this thread at our forums: The list of candidates: option # 1: Judell Du Long option # 2: Beatrice Goffin option # 3: Maggie Jennings option # 4: Sonia Fernandez option # 5: Raquel option # 6: Helen von Mott option # 7: Shannon Logan option # 8: Kathy Gifford option # 9: Nadege option # 10: Liz Lightspeed option # 11: Tiffany Honorable mentions: Lee Price, Zory, Ziggy, Jet, Heather Fine, Flamedragon, Viktoria M, Xana, Veve Lane

Dec 29

asian dude fighting with stephanie on the grass

Dec 12

RNS M sv

Jul 27

Sexy Dominant Woman 2

Video of a sexy young dominant woman wrestling a weak man id like to trade videos i have many so if you have any lets trade