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May 17

“Female Ego Boosted USA/Western world” (JUST CLICK)

Bill Maher on the feminization of society Patrice O’Neal on the Constitution and America (Opie and Anthony)

Apr 04

How To Tell Your Wife / Girlfriend That You Crossdress? – Crossdresser Questions & Advice

Click Like & Leave Your Questions Below!! This is first edition of “Ask Jessica Who” in which I answer questions from you, my friends, about crossdressing, being trans, and stuff about myself. In this first episode, I answer that age-old question, “How do I tell my girlfriend / wife that I like to crossdress?” There’s no cut and dry way to do it, but I offer up some guidelines that were very helpful in my life and that I stand by. Some Keys: #1 Don’t Put it Off #2 Have Confidence #3 Be Patient #4 Get Some Alone time #5 Figure Yourself Out Please ask your questions below or email them to PS – If I seem extra tired in this video it’s because we taped it at like 3 AM!! HEHEHE that’s why I put some exciting music in the background. Thank you so much for watching! Hi, I’m Jessica Who? And yea, I’m a dude! —————————————————————————————————- LULU’S CHANNEL – GAMING CHANNEL – —————————————————————————————————- FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER – FACEBOOK FAN PAGE – GOOGLE PLUS – —————————————————————————————————- WEBSITE – GAMING BLOG – http —————————————————————————————————- Pleaseremember to share this video, add to favorites and

Jan 06

What should I expect from forced feminization?

Hi my girlfriend said that she wants to dress me up in a maids dress with fuzzy ears. She will probably do more to me than that, but I was wondering what I should expect. If anybody has any ideas of what she might do please tell me or give me a link. Thanks

Dec 17

How do I try to get my girlfriend into femdom?

I am very into the facesittitng, foot worship, and even some of the ass worship part of femdom, but I don’t know if my girlfriend would be into that at all! I don’t know how to see if she is or would be or not, because I don’t want to straight up ask her and freak her out, but it would be a dream come true! Any suggestions?

Sep 07

Wow we did it! But now this?

My girlfriend and me have been wid each other for 8 months. So we finally had sex. She was at starting totally normal, then, she started femdom like she asked me if she could bring a condom. So then she came back and know what? She came high heels with a leash! Like those femdom movies! It was real pain. She now wants it again. What to do now?

Jul 28

Crossdresser Harmony – Transgender Dating Website

Thank You For Subscribing!! Please Thumbs Up & Favorite! Can you imagine if there were a dating site specifically for hetero MTF crossdressers? It would match them up with women who didn’t mind a man REALLY in touch with his feminine side. Well I decided to come up with a commercial for such a website if it did exist 🙂 MY TWIN BROTHER’S CHANNEL – MY GAMING & ACTION FIGURE CHANNEL – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – WEBSITE – GAMING BLOG – http Please remember to share this video, add to favorites and give thumbs up! Thank You!!! Look out for a brand new video next Tuesday!! (and perhaps a bonus video on Friday) Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate your support!!! Love Always Jessica De Leon MUSIC courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( Top provided by Wal Mart Beaded necklace from my wife’s jewelry box (shhhh, don’t tell her I borrowed it) Wig from your mom’s closet

May 18

What is ur opinion of this? i feel bad. thats y i quit doin it.?

ok so i look at femdom porn. like facesitting, strap on, etc. ive been beatin offf to videos of it for longer than a year now. im a normal guy. i have a normal girlfriend. im a nice guy. i love my girl friend. and im completely straight. i would never do anything in those videos. too ****** up. but for sum reason i like lookin at em. and beatin it to em.

Apr 27

what are your feelings on FORCED FEMINIZATION?

i am seeking a woman who will dominate me and force me to wear the same clothes she wears to have a form of control over me,is this normal to think like this?whats making me think this way by wanting a woman as a girlfriend who will enjoy controlling me in this way?

Mar 25

How messed up am I? Femdom, Shemales, Bondage etc.?

I am wondering if any other guys have dirty little fantasies that they wouldnt dare tell anyone else. I have this thing for fantasizing about being chained up, sodomized and humiliated by sexy bitchy women or sexy bitchy shemales. I also fantasize about performing oral sex on a shemale, but have NEVER had a fantasy about an actual man, ever, I think if a sexy woman had a penis and she would take total control over me with it while I am helpless, I would be on cloud nine, Ive never told my girlfriend this, but she has mildly dominated me, and used fingers, thats as far as it has gone though. I am extremely sexual and always have been even since I was a little kid I masturbated or fantasized sexually, even though I had a normal youth. When it comes to sex I have never been with a girl who could live up to my sexual kinkyness, as I would have NO limits. How messed up am I, should I seek help? Or do alot of people have dirty little fantasies?

Dec 11

Should I break up with this girl after femdom roleplay?

Okay i’ve been in this relationship for 3 months now and something is bothering me 🙁 yesterday my girlfriend asked me if we could do some femdom/bondage role play. I reluctantly agreed. Next thing i know, i was strapped down to the bed, with rope around the holsters. She was smiling at me and then she did it. He pulled up her skirt and pooped in my mouth. I was in shock when it was happening. She asked me to try to swallow it then after 2-5 minutes she got her foot and shoved it down my mouth while I was still chewing. Tell me what you thing because she is a great girl, kind *cept during sex) and generally loving.