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Apr 25

Hot Babes .. Gun fight

Jul 06

sissy OUT in public

sissy was instructed to get dolled up and gas up her car. It was about 11PM.

Mar 22

Men, are you tired of the feminization of our sports?

When I watch a football game, I want to hear real men like Madden, Dierdorf, Bradshaw, etc. doing the calls. I want to hear ball busting and smack talking. I want to see Chad Johnson and TO dancing and celebrating in the endzone when they score, except when it is against the Giants. I do not want to watch scores, highlights, and interviews being done by fat and ugly women. If they are hot, have them do the weather. I watch football because it is a violent sport.

Can the feminzazis leave our pasttimes alone?
In America, we have the right to like what we want. I do not like watching football with women or men who know nothing about the sport and are there because the company did not want to be sued for discrimination. The only female who has ever been great as a announcer is Susan Waltman for the Yankees games.
How about the fact that women reporters are allowed in the mens lockerroom? This is wrong because it is inappropriate and it does not respect women. Having women around half naked men is degrading to women.