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May 13

Voice feminization lesson #2

Time to learn how to feminnize your voice finaly. Its time to speak the way you feel on the inside! Lets get started!

May 05

Crossdressing Themed Artistic Short Film / Music Video – *Crossdresser / Transgender Love

The song Stray Shadows by Blanket Barricade is on iTUNES or Bandcamp (donation): Presented by Awkward Moment Productions and Blanket Barricade: http “Like” Blanket Barricade on FACEBOOK – “Follow” Blanket Barricade on TWITTER –…

Apr 14

Voice feminization lesson #1

Learn to feminize your voice from this free kylee program!

May 23

Vicki Vegotta #2 – Crossdressing Help & Advice

Thank You For Subscribing!! Please Rate Thumbs Up!! Vicki has returned. . . .not for the sensitive MY BLOG – MY TWITTER – http

Dec 10

TS Italian Barbie Feminizing Your Voice & My Outfit =]

Talking about voice, my haters & this and that.

Jun 30

10 Feminization Tips In 3 Minutes

some of my best feminization tips in 3 mins. | ASK me a question relating to transgenderism http background music: