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May 11

Plastic Surgery on Forehead Reduction and Contouring Video – Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel | Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel a facial plastic surgeon of Boston, MA discusses a variety of forehead plastic surgery topics regarding to forehead contouring & reduction steps for facial feminization (FFS) surgery in order to shrink the size of the forehead. For more information please email or call 617-566-3223.

May 01

Facial Feminisation ( FFS ): Facial Team – Changing faces, Changing Lives

Facial Team, Specialists in Facial Feminization Surgery worldwide. Lead by Dr. Daniel Simon and Dr. Luis Capitán, Facial Team provides facial surgery ( ffs ) in Marbella (Spain) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Aug 27

Hair grafts with make- up.. facial feminization..

We did hair grafts with make- up.. He told us Kim needed hair grafts after surgery and it was 100% clear from his side. Have e-mails who proof that. This is what out surgeon thought was perfect proportions and a balanced face. From his site, first page: The science of Facial Balance Balance (bal-ance): to bring to a state of position or proportion Dr. (name) imparts facial balance — the ideal facial blueprint — using anthropometric measurements, science, elements of nature and rational thought. He uses proportion of parts and elements of symmetry to guide his work with each individual patient. It is understood that using these precise measure- ments, an imperfect part can be reconstructed or rejuvenated to make a balanced whole

Jul 27

How much would a full facial feminization surgery cost typically…?

By that I mean Forehead reconstruction, Brow lift, rhinoplasty, and adam’s apple reduction.
I haven’t been on hormones…yet

Apr 04

Dr chettawut or dr kamol are best for facial feminization surgery? forehead bone shaving?

i’m in thailand now,few days ago went to consult with dr chettawut and dr kamol,just confuse which doctor i have to choose,did anybody had experience with this two doctor?which doctor are best for facial feminization surgery and forehead bone shaving?thank you

Sep 13


Facial Feminization Surgery in Lima, Peru: set of surgical procedures that alter the facial skeleton trans women, giving them a more feminine facial harmony, providing a great benefit in the social and emotional lives of these women