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Aug 20

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Aug 14

THE CHEMICAL FEMINIZATION OF MEN. Steve Quayle Live on Surive 2 Thrive Radio (6-22-11) GMO Food & The Dumbed Down Public Pt.1

Aug 04

Facial Feminization Surgery Bafore & After

Jul 25

Geloobz Infomercial – Edible MTF Transgender / Crossdresser Breast Forms

Thanks for subscribing & commenting! This is the infomercial for my very first product, Geloobz. They are edible breast forms. Delicious, practical and affordable; you can purchase them here –

Jul 24

Feminization of America?

Do you think the feminization of America is what has propelled (American) football the the new #1 sport in America? That’s why I like to watch it anyway. Seems like the one last place you can watch real men acting like real men.
P.S. Yahoo! tried to put this in the LGBT section. Maybe that, more than anything, demonstrates what I’m trying to say.

Jul 21

Do you think women in our nation are becoming more masculine and men more wussy-like?

Men these days are trying their best to be "politically correct" while women have their way. Is it due to over feminization?

Jul 21

Feminization Breast Hypnosis

Feminization breast hypnosis is a powerful mp3 and did you realize that your mind is the most powerful feminizing tool you have? Transform your self-image so you can feel your breasts starting to develop more and more and become your ideal feminine self. Reprogram your subconscious mind to feminize your thoughts, behaviours, and all aspects of your feminine image. Eliminate masculine habits and male traits so you can effortlessly present yourself as a woman. Feel you’re the feminization breast enlargement hypnosis working, feel your nipples tingle. http

Jul 19

facial feminization surgery: thoughts and opinions

my opinions on facial feminization surgery and other plastic surgery

Jul 18

i need a list of forced feminization stories?

hi i need a list of sites and books on forced feminization and babeification please respond asap

Jul 17

Facial feminization Day 3

We doing fine but it´s really hard and lot of stress. and nearly no sleep I´ma nurse 24/7..