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Jul 16

Crossdressing was a way of Life , Now It Over

i went out just on a lovely night in June the 23 of 2012 , it was 900, pm at night , i was in a sexy new mini skirt high heels and a nice top ,walking my friends Dog and wow Conney island was packed that night, and i got stop by two woman , preaching the word of god they had no Ida at first i was a guy , but any way i never been so belittle in my life, the made me feel like a cheap low life whore, and made me so-so guilty , as they were saying I’m going to Rot and Burn in hell along with all the other crossdressers ,gays ,Transsexual’s and anyone that is not married , i went Home and Really stareded to think about it all that night ,maybe they are Right , so that it for me I’m giving up the whole thing , its over for me

Apr 21

Update : facial feminization surgery

Recovery from my surgery but everything went very well. Very happy girl. Study about it before you do anything with yourself.

Jan 31

Feminizing Menswear

Basically we raided Jenn’s brother’s closet and picked six items of his clothing. We incorporated the “menswear” and feminized it! Sorry for not talking in this episode, we were super crammed on time. ) : The next episodes will have our commentary. Burning to ask a question? Check our FAQ in the front of our page. ( : If it isn’t there ask us here! We answer all questions we feel comfortable with: Camera equipment provided by Jon Van Jameson: Photographs between stills were taken by David Cortés Music

Jan 31

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Jan 29

Crossdressing For Fun

So I tried cross-dressing recently and turns out to pretty fun, thought I’d upload a few videos for the sake of it, haha. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed. ^^

Jan 29

Body Feminization Exercises for Transsexuals.mp4

alcuni esercizi per migliorare il grado di femmilità del proprio corpo

Dec 06 Feminization: how to walk feminine

HypnosisCLICK HERE: tips and tricks for walking like an elegant model. To become more feminine and lady like. to walk sexy and natural more feminine. Great tips for transsexuals or transgenders requiring more feminization.

Dec 02 Feminization:Feminine Voice Pt.1

HypnosisTips and tricks for creating a feminine voice with the correct pitch resonance tone Voice quality Phrasing Pacing Loudness Melodic intonation Fluency Articulation etc. Feminize the resonance of your speech. Resonance is one of the most important aspects of feminizing your voice. Resonance is the fullness of your vocal tone. Males have a larger throat than ladies which creates a deep rumbling sound even when the pitch is the same. To create a more feminine resonance consciously contract your throat slightly to create a smaller space. This creates a thinner sound to the voice.

Oct 21

Turkish Feet Show femdom feet worship fetish 2

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Jul 15

Dress to impress Crossdressing Show

Dress to impress Crossdressing Show