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Aug 16

Can Breatharians exercise? I know I can ;-) No mercy fitness, part 1.

Nothing fancy but not bad either, for a guy who does not eat, if I may say. And I do not get any break from my sadistic female fitness trainer 😉 She has me do it all! The kinds of extreme exercises, in order: sit ups, push ups, hard plank exercise, elevated pushups, exhaustive jumps, step-ups, stair running…all timed and working me until exhaustion! I loved every second of it 😉 My feet got dirty though… YouTube raw file name: ExerciseProgram.wmv

Feb 16

Fbb Crushing A Steel Pipe – Strong Muscular Arms, Big Forearm Veins!!

Aug 20

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Mar 26

Foot show, stomach trampling with fitness girls Latia, Lisa and Courtney

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Jan 21

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