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May 11

Plastic Surgery on Forehead Reduction and Contouring Video – Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel | Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel a facial plastic surgeon of Boston, MA discusses a variety of forehead plastic surgery topics regarding to forehead contouring & reduction steps for facial feminization (FFS) surgery in order to shrink the size of the forehead. For more information please email or call 617-566-3223.

May 03

After Surgery Face

this is the first shots of my face directly after Facial Feminization Surgery

May 01

Facial Feminisation ( FFS ): Facial Team – Changing faces, Changing Lives

Facial Team, Specialists in Facial Feminization Surgery worldwide. Lead by Dr. Daniel Simon and Dr. Luis Capitán, Facial Team provides facial surgery ( ffs ) in Marbella (Spain) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Apr 25

Minha Cirurgia de Feminização Facial / My Facial Feminization Surgery

A CFF é um procedimento cirúrgico que busca dar feições femininas às pessoas com genes XY. Funciona, primariamente, para ajudar transexuais a construírem melhor sua imagem feminina. FFS is a surgical procedure aiming to give a female appearance to people with XY genes. It works primarily to help transgenders improve their female image. Blog: Facebook: E-mail:

Apr 11

Deep Stealth Visits Cocoon Guest House Deep Stealth visits Cocoon Guest House in San Francisco, the women-owned and -operated recovery center for Dr. Ousterhout’s facial feminization surgery patients. Andrea James talks with co-owner Mary-Lou and takes a tour of the house. Directed by Calpernia Addams.

Apr 07

My Second Life (preview 1): Brigitte @ Dr. Osterhout’s

Witness a Dr. and patient meeting between world renowned Dr. Osterhout & Brigitte Bellsong. In this excerpt from our forthcoming series on Transgender issues, My Second Life, Brigitte returns six months after her Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) for a facelift.

Mar 18

Facial feminization surgery

How the importance of srs and breast augmentation are no longer as strong of an priority for me! truly the most important thing at this point to me is facial feminization surgery! I love life now more than ever….but ffs will definitely give my life that much more!!!!!!

Mar 01

Kelly (MTF) Vlog 2. Facial Feminization Surgery and HRT, Saving money.

Me talking about facial feminization surgery, HRT. Saving money in general. I want to go see Dr. Toby Mayer, in Beverly Hills – jamielivefree is the channel i was on about

Feb 20

How Keith became Kate – Facial Feminisation Surgery Video 1.wmv

Facial Feminisation Surgery – FFS – How Keith became Kate Lesley, aka Amber Goth, transgender author and publisher – story of her life, climaxing with her facial feminization surgery with the Facial Team in Marbella, Spain, November 2011