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Jul 14

Embarassing question *answer seriously?

I have really wierd femdom/ballbusting fetishes. How can I get rid of them, they are wierd, and annoying. Why do I have such a random fetish anyway…I think its like the most random one ever lol

May 05

Becoming a male submissive Bondage/BDSM adult model?

Looking to be a male submissive model in the femdom scene. I fly for free so i can travel throughout the US. I am young attractive and have BDSM experience…Any ideas where to apply? Anyone know of femdom sites looking for male models? Pretty open to different fetishes and scenes too.Thanks!

Jan 18

is there any femdom from India seeking a slave?

BDSM is not in much practice in India yet, everyone who is interested in BDSM is requested to post, expressing their likes and desires, no matter if you are a dominant, submissive, or anything else you should be absolutely free and frank to express and share your desires, kinks, and fetishes online irrespective of your sex and sexual orientation, and total enjoy sexual liberty which is your birth right.

Dec 06

Cross Dressing Confession: How Should You Tell Her?

So what IS the best way to break your “Cross Dressing” secret to your girlfriend? What do YOU suggest? Leave a comment with your ideas! Fetishes and Sex Fantasies from

Oct 16

My girlfriend I talked to you about before wants to add forced feminization to the cross dressing I already do?

My girlfriend is very supportive of my crossdressing and she finds it sexy. She just opened up to me about one of her fetishes though. She likes to be dominate and forcing men to act like women. I am not sure if I am open to this or not but I would like your opinions on how this goes. She says she wants to embaress me to like take me out in public and stuff which I don’t have problems with really.

Sep 26

Im curious to know how many women find “Femdom” (female dominance) sexually arousing?

In terms of femdom being a bdsm practice, what types of fetishes applied to Feminine suppremacy interest you most/