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Feb 20

How Keith became Kate – Facial Feminisation Surgery Video 1.wmv

Facial Feminisation Surgery – FFS – How Keith became Kate Lesley, aka Amber Goth, transgender author and publisher – story of her life, climaxing with her facial feminization surgery with the Facial Team in Marbella, Spain, November 2011

Feb 27


VISIT US AT: Feminization Surgery encompasses a number of different procedures, all of which have the primary goal of making your facial and body features appear more feminine. Our procedures: FACIAL FEMENIZATION, BREAST AUGMENTATION, BODY CONTOURING, HAIR TRANSPLANT, COSMETIC DENTISTRY and ORCHIECTOMY. Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a series of procedures intended to reconstruct the male face to make it look more feminine. Facial feminization surgery includes various bony and soft tissue procedures. We strives to make your trip to Guadalajara as stress free as possible. We provide all of our patients with local transportation, meals, and trans-friendly accommodations! We offer many different types of All Inclusive Packages and will help you customize the package Our private townhouse is owned by the family of Dr. Lazaro Cardenas and is administered by The residence is located in the trendy “Chapalita” neighborhood, also home to the Angeles-Chapalita Hospital Clinic where most of our procedures are performed. In addition to our safe location in Guadalajara, our subdivision also features tight security of its own including manned entrances and 24-hour private security.

Sep 01

Trinitys facial feminization surgery ffs with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout MD, DDS & Mira Coluccio

This is an account of my experience with facial feminization surgery ffs with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout MD, DDS and Mira Coluccio at Davies medical center in in San Francisco, CA. The before and after photos tell the story of how bad my facial feminization surgery ffs with Dr. Douglas K. Ousterhout turned out. If you would like to know more about what happened during the whole surgery and after you can read about the whole experience at: For anyone that is unaware of what facial feminization surgery FFS is, it is a surgery that undergone to make a transsexuals face more female because female hormones HRT can’t always do it.