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Dec 25

Feminización Facial y corporal, FFS

Se presenta el caso de Feminización de Manuel Rodriguez, famoso y prestigioso modelo Venezolano quien se realizó la feminización para cumplir su mayor anhelo de su vida

Dec 02

Dr. LÁZARO CÁRDENAS: Marión Love 5 months after FFS.

Ms. Marión Love started her transition in May of 2009 and she has had two facial feminization surgeries performed. The first was in August of 2010, followed by the second in May of 2011. Both FFS’ were performed by Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas To find out more about feminization surgery procedures please visit our webpages at:

Mar 22

Facial Feminization Surgery ( FFS ) Before & After: Ema Sofia

Facial Feminization Surgery of Ema Alves by Facial Team performed in Marbella . The procedures performed by Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon: hairline lower, eyebrow lift, forehead bone reduction, cheek implants, jaw and chin contouring, rhinoplasty, trachea shave. Ema came from Portugal for this life-changing step in her transition, staying in the hospital for 2 days and returning home only 10 days after surgery. She now models for Flying Ideas. Feminización Facial Cirugía de Ema Alves por el equipo facial realizado en Marbella. Los procedimientos realizados por el Dr. Luis Capitán y el Dr. Daniel Simón: modificación línea de cabello, elevación de la ceja, la reducción de hueso de frente, los implantes de pómulos, la mandíbula y el contorno del mentón, la rinoplastia, la reducción de tráquea. Ema llegó desde Portugal para este paso en su transición que cambia la vida , permaneciendo en el hospital por 2 días y regresando a casa sólo 10 días después de la cirugía. Ahora es modelo de Flying Ideas.

Feb 27


VISIT US AT: Feminization Surgery encompasses a number of different procedures, all of which have the primary goal of making your facial and body features appear more feminine. Our procedures: FACIAL FEMENIZATION, BREAST AUGMENTATION, BODY CONTOURING, HAIR TRANSPLANT, COSMETIC DENTISTRY and ORCHIECTOMY. Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a series of procedures intended to reconstruct the male face to make it look more feminine. Facial feminization surgery includes various bony and soft tissue procedures. We strives to make your trip to Guadalajara as stress free as possible. We provide all of our patients with local transportation, meals, and trans-friendly accommodations! We offer many different types of All Inclusive Packages and will help you customize the package Our private townhouse is owned by the family of Dr. Lazaro Cardenas and is administered by The residence is located in the trendy “Chapalita” neighborhood, also home to the Angeles-Chapalita Hospital Clinic where most of our procedures are performed. In addition to our safe location in Guadalajara, our subdivision also features tight security of its own including manned entrances and 24-hour private security.

Dec 08


femilife: Facial Feminization Surgery and body. Lima Peru, we are in a city full of experiences and wonderful places We offer a comprehensive service in the city of Lima for transsexual and transgender patients who visit us in search of facial feminization surgery or surgery of the body: are the first step of the way we provide under a special package at reasonable prices feminization of the best surgeons in Lima Peru Enjoy our of our culture as an aid in the search for identity. These are our procedures: Facial Feminization Surgery Feminization remodeling or front facing Feminization Rhinoplasty Feminization of the jaw Feminization of the chin Alta Lift lips Faminization Cheek implant cheek or Feminization Reduction of the Adam’s apple Feminization brow lift more information in