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Jul 09

Three femdom vampires seek out an innocent piece of man meat punish him.

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Jul 03

I need help and fast!! 10 points for best answer!?

Ok i’m a gay, transexual crossdresser! Anyone know of any good website to support me. Also I like watchin porn ie gay porn or crossdressing porn etc. Watching it helps me cause I realize I’m not the only one like this. Does anybody know of any good porn sites to help me. They may include: gays, trannies, crossdressers, femdom, gay fetish and female domination! Thanks xxxx

Mar 23

femdom foot worship and trample

Nov 29

Femdom sexual action with a huge strap-on.

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Oct 26

Is There Femdom On Real ?

I know that there are porn sites for female domination arts for it, but is there female domination on real, does men sometimes being dominated by female or raped by females?

Sep 25

i am obsessed with femdom, and i cant quit, can you help!?

I am 32, married with a child, i am a successful business man and i can have whatever i want, i am very powerful in my job and i make very important descisions everyday, but i got stock with Female domination 10 years ago since my ex-girlfriend dumped me for another man, since then i am surfing pay sites, masturbating 3 times a day, asking hookers to humiliate me and spank me, now it is getting worse i am delaying my business travels an extra day or two to go to proffessional dominatrixs, i am so hooked up with FEMDOM, and i dont want it anymore but everytime i decide not to go there, there is an urge inside of me that makes me weak, female manicured feet make me so weak, the main problem is that i am not sleeping with my wife anymore and i am isolating my self from people, my only concern is to find a good mistress to spank me, i wonder if there are 100% loyal men out there, or am i really a pig, i know i am not, i just want out, i wanna like normal sex again, how can i do it, help!

Aug 24

Can I be sexually Dominated by any Female(FEMDOM)….?

I am a 24 male from Bangalore, India.. likes FEMDOM(female domination) {for meaning refer FEMDOM in google search)… i think Femdom is harmfull… does women likr FEMDOM…???Is it necessory to pay the dominator…???

Jul 08

Is femdom activities wrong for a christian to think about?

sorry folks. by femdom = sexual female domination.

Jun 11

Sexy mistresses / femdom / female domination

Have you even think about female domination? It can bring a lot of new feelings in your life. Just look at these mistresses. Would you like to play with them?